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GM Florin Gheorghiu – Despre palmaresul său sportiv și ultimele apariții editoriale

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Cariera sportivă a celui mai titrat șahist român, marele maestru Florin Gheorghiu capătă dimensiuni noi, prin prisma volumelor recent apărute la editura Cartea Românească, într-o colecție intitulată sugestiv Integrala de șah.

O “altfel” de recenzie, în fapt un cuvânt de suflet la adresa activității sportive și editoriale a lui Florin Gheorghiu, sub semnătura lui Cristian Florin Dănănău, colaborator al marelui maestru la volumele din Integrală, vă este prezentată în pagina 7 din secțiunea “Albume” –> “Florin Gheorghiu” a site-ului nostru sau direct la link-ul Când Caissa ne zâmbește…

Odată cu lectura acestor volume, cititorii vor descoperi și statistici detaliate despre rezultatele sportive ale marelui maestru Florin Gheorghiu, deoarece de acum avem palmaresul său aproape complet, lucrat cu migală de același Cristian Florin Dănănău.

Repetăm rugămintea, în interesul general al șahului românesc, de a ne sesiza orice adăugiri / corecturi cu care ați putea contribui la definitivarea palmaresului.

În continuare vă redăm prezentarea bilingvă a „bătăliei” duse pentru realizarea palmaresului, sub semnătura autorului, Cristian Florin Dănănău:


From the very beginning I have to say clearly that I could never have imagined that I would reach such a result!

The present career record is originally the result of a certain occurrence. Having the book Partide alese by the grandmaster Florin Gheorghiu and browsing it from time to time – without learning much, the proof is the actual level of my rating! – I noticed one day that there are a few missing contests from the “Palmares” attached… “How is it possible” – I said to myself -” that a famous publishing house in those times, Sport-Turism, made such error?” But the publishing house disappeared long time ago, therefore the issue could not be clarified anymore…

I have researched the whole matter more closely and reached the incredible, but true conclusion, that dozens of competitions were missing, not just a few!! The discovery was relatively easy because I have in my library the complete collection of the Revista Română de Şah, and this helped me in the enormous task of documenting… “Inadmissible” – I said to myself – “this lacuna must necessarily be corrected – but how?”

Afterwards, occurred a very happy coincidence: a few years ago I had the distinct and touching honour of technically supporting the grandmaster in the difficult task of writing his new books Integrala de şah. I naturally made him a proposition, that is to include in his new books the record of his career after 1970. To my joy – and, I dare to say, to the undoubted benefit of the future readers (in the meantime, these books have appeared in bookstores) – he accepted! I started enthusiastically to “rummage” the surrounding universe to discover the contests in question. I think “the surrounding universe” is an appropiate word, since I realized quite quickly that information in the Revista Română de Şah was not 100% accurate, as I naïvely thought at the beginning! In addition, some pieces of information were flawed, and, moreover, after 1992 this quintessential magazine had disappeared from the domestic media landscape!

I did not let the desperation to overwhelm me and spent tens of hours on the Internet looking for “friendly” sites, I asked – often at risk of becoming a nasty person – the grandmaster himself where and when he played. I have recently found new information in other Romanian periodicals, for example in Buletinul intern al F.R. Şah, Timşah magazine from Timişoara, the much-appreciated Arhişah (the first Romanian journal in figurine notation), I even got to buy some foreign magazines, or even asked some people from the Romanian chess world – and here I am especially grateful to Mr. Gheorghe Candea and Gabriel Georgescu – all this for the unique purpose of “unleashing” the competitions where Florin Gheorghiu played for over five decades.

I was very lucky, among other things, due to two very favourable circumstances: the existence of some websites in which I could find, in digital form, a multitude of foreign newspapers (especially English, American and Swiss ones) that also had a chess column, and the fact that after 1992 the former junior world champion played exclusively in Switzerland. Do you realize what it would mean to look for in the press from several countries if this career would not have been “located” just at the feet of the Alps?…

I must now confess something very special. The father of the grandmaster, Mr. Emilian Gheorghiu, gathered with infinite scrupulousness that only the love of a parent can generate, thousands of “clippings” about his son’s achievements, from international and Romanian press, and the result materialized in some huge albums, where these “clippings” were preserved until today. These albums were a real “golden mine” without which I would not have started my “business”… It is appropiate, therefore, dear readers, that we all, who have under our eyes the career’s record of the great Romanian champion, have a pious thought to the grandmaster’s father, whose essential work made possible what we now have…

You realize, dear friends, that I have lived an intricate, but real odyssey… The result is that – without being completely sure – I have come to Ithaca, that is, I compiled what you have under your eyes – an incredibly large list which gives a true testimony to the extent, importance and fame of a unique career in the Romanian chess!… I say that I am not sure because it seems that there are contests not mentioned in the present record, that is why I ask those who know more to transmit them to me, via this site. At the same time, I hope – with your precious support – I will be able to fill the remaining gaps, even partially, that still exist for some competitions (marked with an asterisk).

Some final remarks about this record:

– compared to the form already published in the Integrala de şah, some inaccuracies were removed and some omissions were filled;

– I added a column indicating the duration of the contests. I could not do this in all cases, but in this way I gave the reader a clearer picture of the fact that our grandmaster played chess practically all his life, with no interruption;

– the record does not contain the chess simuls, for several reasons: these are not official competitions; additionally, there is a lack of bibliography for such contests; their recovery, even incomplete, would require a documentary effort for which I had neither the time nor the mood;

– I highlighted separately the competitions played in the national chess team of Romania, whose performances could not have been achieved without the fundamental contribution of our grandmaster.

So, enjoy the reading!


Palmaresul lui Florin Gheorghiu poate fi analizat în cadrul secțiunii “Albume” –> “Florin Gheorghiu”, în paginile 5-6, sau accesând direct link-urile:

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